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A Healthy Pet Will Save you Money!

With Pet Connection Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans are affordable health care plans that will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.
Our plans are designed to identify medical problems before they occur through regular exams, vaccines, dental hygiene and nutrition.


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A Wellness Plan or a Regular Vet service?

Cost of Pet Health could be Expensive

There is no doubt:  the cost of quality health care can be expensive.  We want all of our clients to be able to offer their pets the very best preventive veterinary care possible.  As a result, we have created our Wellness Plans.  For a convenient monthly payment, all of your pet’s routine health care needs will be taken care of — at a ten percent discount compared to regular retail costs!

What has a Wellness Plan?

Physical Exams, Vaccinations, Parasite Prevention & More.

Plans include head-to-tail exams, vaccines, early screening diagnostics, consultations for proper nutrition, dental care and more! Since they are not insurance, they do not include treatment for unpredictable or abnormal conditions, however discounts would apply.

Different pets have different needs.

Research our base plans and custom plan options