Is The Golden Retriever A Hyper Dog?

The Golden Retriever is a high-energy dog and one of the more hyper dog races.(...)

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Summer Is coming with dog ticks that are full of diseases!

As the temperature rises, more and more cases of dogs coming to Pet Connection full(...)

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Surgical FAQ

What You Need to Know Before Your Pet’s Upcoming Surgery Many people have questions about(...)

Dietary Counseling

Our veterinarians are concerned about your pet’s nutrition. The right nutrition can enhance your pet’s(...)

Pet Bathing

Bathing is an important part of good coat and skin health for your pet. The(...)

Pet Dental Care

Many health problems start in the mouth. Plaque, tartar, periodontal disease, and infected teeth serve(...)

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Behavioral Counseling

At Pet Connection Veterinary Clinic we know you love your pet and only want the(...)

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