Monthly Promotions

Save money on your pet’s veterinary care

20% on Vaccinations

January: Month of Vaccination

Our New Year’s Greetings comes with a Gift for your pets & you! This is the month of vaccination and we offer 20% reduced fee on all vaccinations. Vaccines protect our pets from viral diseases such as kennel cough and parvovirus by stimulating the production of specific antibodies, a process called immunization. Vaccines were the first form of protection against microbes ever developed.

30% Discount on Dental Work

February: Month of Dental Hygiene

Pet Owners are welcome to bring their pets to our hospital for a free dental check-up and will receive 30% discount off on the normal dental work. More than 500 bacteria species live in our and animal mouth and some cause gum inflammation which in turn trigger tartar deposit. Similarly to what happens in humans, unhealthy gums help bacteria to enter the bloodstream through little cracks in the capillary vessels. This in turn is the origin of inflammation in other part of the body, causing arthritis and coronary plaque deposits.


Free Deworming

March: Month of Parasites Prevention

Free deworming for every animal vaccinated or consulted. Parasites that live in the stomach, intestine, blood, skin and lungs are probably the most common aliment affecting dogs and cats. Unusually, parasites do not cause an evident disease but live in symbiosis with the parasitized organism. However, increased number of parasites due to concurrent external factors, including lack of therapy and prevention, can lead hypo-physiological states and disease.


20% Discount on Spay and Neuter

April: Month of Spay & Neutering

20% reduced fee on spay and neuter. This is an easy way to extend your pet’s life by three to five year, by dramatically reducing the risk of breast and uterine cancer in female and the fatal consequences of aggressive behavior in males.


50% discount on Complete Blood Count

May: Month of Anemia Prevention

All owners will be given 50% discount on Complete Blood Count (CBC) to check for anemia or low white cells count before the summer starts! A low red cells count is what we call anemia, which in turn causes decreased oxygen flow to the tissues, associated with fatigue, lethargy and poor appetite. Anemia can be a strong indicator of thick-transmitted diseases, very common in the UAE.


30% Discount on the total bill

June: Month of Rabbit and the Turtle

Visit and medicine with 30% discount on the total bill. Rodent and terrapins are increasingly popular, but not all vets are confident with their ailments. These have to be examined by exotic pet veterinarians that use medicines, protocol and doses white different from the traditional canine medicine, to treat skin and eye diseases that constitute the prevalent part of their anomalies.


50% Reduction on the consulting fee

July: Month of the Ear check

We are offering 50% reduction on the consulting fee for our existing and new clients. This is the month of Donating and of helping those in need, so we are proud of placing our best expertise, skills and knowledge at a very affordable price to meet the requirements.


35% Discount on Ear therapies

August: Month of Ear Infections

We offer 35% discount on the therapy for mites, bacteria and fungi affecting the ear! Ear diseases affect more than 70% of the dogs and 80% of cats during their life span. This is an excellent reason for having an annual check of the ears performed regularly. Ear mites often synergize with bacteria such as Staphylococcus intermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis yeast to create a pathogenic cocktail difficult to eradicate. Therapy is selective, smart and aggressive.

50% Discount on Ultrasound or X-ray checks for tumors

September: Month of the Tumor Prevention

We offer 50% discount on Ultrasound or X-ray checks or tumors. Dogs older than 8 years and cats older than 10 can benefit from x-ray to early detect bone, liver and intestinal tumor growths. Ultrasound is essential to screen for uterine, ovary, testicle and thyroid cancers, alongside with hysto-pathology exams.

Free Medical Check for new puppy or kitten

October: Puppy and Kitten month

We offer free medical check for your new puppy or kitten brought for the first visit with 20% off on microchip as well. Handling with animals that are young and need to be pampered and looked after has been recognized as an essential preventive measure and behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

Free Medical Check for Birds

November: Bird month

Free Medical Check for Your Birds! We are offering a free full medical check for your birds at our Veterinary Clinic. Newly acquired birds should be checked for blood and intestinal parasites by microscopy, for truchomonniasis by endoscopy, for chlamydiosis with specific Zeel-Nielsen stain or serology, for sexing and viral diseases by molecular techniques. Annual vaccination against Paramyxo-virus type ONE an avian pox is strongly recommended in pre-owned birds!

20% Off on the bag of food

December: Nutrition Month!

We will offer 20% off on the bag of food that your pet prefers if you are a client who visited us 3 times during the 2012 year. It is our gift for your pet on Christmas! We are what we eat as the saying goes, and obviously, this is valid for our pets. The notion that good food makes healthy pet it has to become proverbial.