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Welcome to Pet Connection

In our big waiting area you will be greeted with a warm friendly smile by our pleasant, pet loving and professional receptionists

With our master waiting area we are providing a place where not only patients are relaxed, but their owners as well. A toy poodle does not have to sit beside a great dane. A persian cat will not attack the waiting African greys.. Our spacious and clean clinic, with a huge parking lot in front, is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility for pets and exotic animals. It includes 3 consultation rooms, a surgical unit with adjacent recovery room, diagnostic imaging unit (digital x-ray, ultrasound), endoscopy and computerized laboratory.

Our Veterinary Clinic Facilities

Consultation Rooms

Our consultation rooms offer a well equipped, clean and quiet environment. The examination rooms are where many minor procedures are carried out, including daily treatment and assessment of hospitalized patients and collection of blood samples. We are always using computer medical reports to have a classified overview about the history of your pet. Our third consultation room is reserved for our exotic clients. No matter how exotic your pet is, we will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your special companion.

Surgery and Recovery Room

Our surgery preparation area is where our surgical patients receive their presurgical assessment and anesthesia and get prepared for surgery. Our new sterile operating room is where all of our major surgical work is performed – equipped with the needed things (surgical instruments, anesthesia and autoclave machine). We have a nice and clean recovery room, where the pets can take a peaceful rest after surgery. This is also where hospitalized patients stay to receive the best possible care and constant supervision during long-term-treatments.

Diagnostic Imaging Room (Radiology and Ultrasound)

We have modern imaging equipment in our premises to provide you with the best quality X-rays and to ensure your pet has minimal exposure to radiation. Within few minutes we can have your pet’s X-rays taken, processed and ready for interpretation by our doctors. We also offer advanced Ultrasound technology, which can give us a clear and precise format from which to determine the most effective treatment options for your pet.

On-site Laboratory

The need of quickly testing blood, urine and body tissue samples to direct and confirm the diagnosis prompt us to equip our lab with the latest technology, including vet station lab (VSL), Leica digital microscopy, Idexx Lasercyte complete blood count and biochemistry machines, urine automated analyser and a wide range of one-step tests for chlamydia, distemper, parvovirus, feline leukemia, FIV, etc.

Dental Care Room

To offer the regular professional cleaning we use modern and safe ultrasonic technology. The removal of plaque or teeth followed by polishing help to create a healthy oral environment to prevent against future plaque build-up.